Cargo transportation (Logistics)

Road transport is the best way of cargo transportation at relatively short distances. 

Do you need a specialist in road transport? We are ready to carry out road transportation to any point in Ukraine in a short time and at reasonable price. Our experts will calculate the optimal route for trucking and choose a convenient schedule for you.

Our company has large-capacity vehicles and takes into account the interests and wishes of each client. We achieve the optimal balance of quality, speed and cost of cargo delivery in each specific case.

At the same time you will only need to submit an application for transportation and the appropriate payment for the service. We guarantee, in turn, timely and accurate delivery of your goods to the specified address. 

The trucks of the company "TH" VIGOR" are equipped with a GPS tracking system, which gives you constant monitoring of the vehicles movement and timely informs customers about the location of the cargo. 


The trucks of “Trade house “Vigor” regularly pass special technical control. All drivers have many years of experience in the field of oversized and heavy cargo transportation.

Logistics department

Head of Department:  Larisa Surzhykova 
Tel/fax: +38 061 228 62 73, +38 061 228 62 76, cell phone +38 050 454 86 99, 


e-mail:, skype: igor_vigor1

Mechanic:  Pavel Gladyshev 


Cell phone +38 050 341 59 58

Application for cargo transportation

To order cargo transportation, fill out the application form or contact us by phone:


+38 061 228 62 73

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Main office

Ukraine, 69002,

City of Zaporozhye,

Ul. Alexandrovskaya, 84, of. 408

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+38 061 228 62 73
+38 061 228 62 74
+38 061 228 62 75
+38 061 228 62 76


Ukraine, Zaporozhye,

St. Calibrovaya, 15-а

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ООО "ТД "Вигор" (в переводе с лат. Vigor - мощь, сила) с 2000 года успешно занимается продажами белой и черной жести, ленты холоднокатаной, листового проката производства Украины и импортных производителей.

Наша репутация подтверждена временем, постоянством заказчиков, бессменным коллективом.

 Имеем автопарк грузовых автомобилей (20-тонники), которыми доставляем металл в любую точку Украины.

Адрес: Украина, 69002, г. Запорожье, ул. Александровская, 84, оф. 408,
Тел. +38(061)228-62-73.
Тел.\факс: +38 061 228 62 73, +38 061 228 62 74, +38 061 228 62 75, +38 061 228 62 76.
Склад: Украина, г. Запорожье, ул. Калибровая, 15-а.

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